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The Importance of SEO For Travel Agencies And Tour Operators

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Travel agents form the backbone of the travel industry and play an important role in it. They not organize comfortable tours for the travelers; be it business, family of other types of tours, but also bring a lot of business for hotels and other associated service providers. With the increasing popularity of world wide web, internet and search engines have also made a special place in getting more and more business for the travel agencies. Researches say that around 80% of trips are booked online.

Now the big question is that there are thousands of tour operators in the field then how should any one of them stand out and improve their SEO (search engine optimization) so that they can be found easily by the potential travelers?

To take the first step with travel SEO, it’s important to find a niche which is usually easy with the travel industry. Tour operators usually have their own specific market(s), for example “walking tours in the Himalayas”, “European battlefield tours” or “charity cycling tours”.

With careful selection of niches and keywords, and structuring a website and articles around these, it’s possible to make your marketing explode and start generating visits to your website.

When you are done with the optimization of your travel website and increased its traffic through SEO, it’s important that the website itself gives users the information that they need so that they remain interested, and encourage them to click through to get in touch or place an order. This can be achieved by working on usability and CTR (Click Through Rate) optimization.

Finally, it’s important to ensure that the websites are mobile-friendly. Not only Google emphasizes on the fact that all the websites are mobile-friendly, a huge chunk of business in the recent times come through mobile devices. You make take the help of a good travel SEO services provider to get these nitty gritties of optimization done correctly.

Once the first phase of making the website SEO friendly and on-page optimization is done, it is most important to work regularly on it and get high-quality links to it. SEO is an ongoing process and to keep reaping the benefits, you should always continue the SEO process of your travel website.

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