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Google Discovers Solution For Dissatisfied Searchers


It has been announced by Google that it is testing a new feature in the search results. This new feature asks searchers to submit a more detailed question directly in the search results box.

As per the box – you may get the answer that you are looking for, added to the web and it feeds the information to Google. Google may pass the question along to content creators who may be able to publish articles on their properties.

It has been looking to create more content that it can index. This will help more searchers find what they are looking for. This content would not be given any special ranking boost, but would ultimately be indexed and ranked like any other piece of Google content.

This low scale test is designed to continue developing a high quality. It should be relevant results for users, by supporting a healthy content ecosystem. This comes from a place where Google feels that the searcher is not locating the content they are looking for.  It will find out ways to highlight certain questions to content creators who may be able to publish articles on their properties to answer these questions in a better way.

The goal of Google is to enrich the entire web ecosystem and ultimately improve search results for users.

So far, Googles doesn’t plan on creating the content itself, nor are they going to be paying to create the content. The company won’t be sharing information with third parties beyond the actual text of the question typed by the user into the provided box. As the question is submitted, the box closes automatically after thanking the user.

If Google doesn’t have content for your query, it may ask you to seek help from the content creators to make content that will eventually answer your query. For this purpose, you may contact the best digital marketing company in India, which offers comprehensive the best services. We have a team of highly experienced and professional writers who can create content that not only addresses your specific queries but also enhances your overall online presence.


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