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Some of the Significant Google Adwords Latest Updates

Google Adwords Update

There are few significant Google Adwords Updates that may be extremely beneficial.

Fixing your entire value proposition, keywords and calls to action into an 80 character limit requires skill. Writing ads on AdWords may be one of the most time – consuming tasks.

However, writing better ads should be a top priority in any given campaign. After all, if you can’t drive the clicks, you can’t compel them to sign up. AdWords has now added a feature to the new AdWords experience.

Recently, AdWords announced the addition of Google TrueView. They have mentioned a new feature for video advertising – Outstream Video Ads. This new format allows advertisers to extend the reach of their video ads beyond just YouTube.

Outstream is developed exclusively for mobile targeting, allowing advertisers to reach users anywhere that video can be displayed.

In your dashboard, you will now see the following three metrics added:-

Chat rate – It is essentially a soft-conversion rate/click-through rate.

Chat start time – It is timestamps for when a user starts the conversation. This may be helpful in specific industries to find popular engagement times. Also, as internal audits of how well sales staff are responding.

Messages – It is the total amount of messages sent in any given chat.

With the inclusion of Custom Intent audiences, designed to help you create better custom audiences beyond affinity and demographic targeting was also announced by Adword.

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