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The Impact of Neural Matching on the Future of SEO

Google has been launching numerous updates this 2018. Therefore, the SEO industry is expected to create new strategies and techniques to help make search work better for websites.

An important feature recently announced by Google is the usage of the Neural Matching algorithm. This new algorithm allows us to explore more about Google’s search engine. Also, it is a new kind of algorithm, as it uses AI technology to generate and diversify search results for users.

What is Neural Matching?

Neural Matching is an algorithm that uses Google’s current AI technology to be able to generate more diverse search results. This AI technology enables Google to understand and analyze the language in a much better way. One example used to demonstrate this new algorithm is the sample query “Why does my TV look strange?” For such question, Google will be able to process the question to provide a result that answers the question properly through understanding it better.

AI technology has been one of the things that Google has been putting more focus since the past year. This has been observed with the demonstration of Google Assistant showing that their technology is able to perform human-like conversations in phone calls and be able to perform tasks independently.

Google also published Deep Relevance Ranking using Enhanced Document-Query Interactions along with this sophisticated new AI system. This research paper describes how Ad-hoc Retrieval works, which helps us comprehend how Neural Matching is accomplished on Google’s search engine. This system uses Document Relevance Ranking, thereby, using Google to rank documents and be able to track down the best search results, avoid spam and other irrelevant results.

How will this play a role in shaping the future of SEO?

The application of AI into the Google search engine would mean that the online search is more personalized than ever before. This is because the new algorithm understands search queries much better. Also, it means that the development and implementation of new SEO strategies will allow Google’s AI technology to allow our websites to be able to rank better in search results.

This would make question-based and exact search terms even more relevant than before since Google can now understand these questions more deeply. Also, would be able to generate results that you would not have been able to find before. Due to the voice and visual search becoming more important, having AI technology will surely bring about “smarter” results benefitting more users and websites.

With the Neural Matching algorithm becoming a part of Google search, new SEO strategies and techniques can be expected to help future-proof our SEO, and keep our rankings up.

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