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An Insight on Recovery of SEO Traffic and Rankings after a Website Redesign

Recovery of SEO Traffic and Rankings after a Website Redesign

There are some typical problems that can be fixed to get your SEO back on track, after a review to confirm a drop in traffic

When creating a new website, retaining and improving your SEO and organic traffic should be a key design goal. This requires a proper understanding of how SEO and website design work together and watchful planning for the site migration.

How to identify and recover traffic and rankings when a website design goes wrong

Here are some of the steps mentioned:-

Gathering Information – The following can be used for gathering information such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Date of launch, Website URL, etc.

Confirmation – After collecting information, it’s time to dive into Google Analytics and Search Console and review the traffic drop.This drop may be slow and steady or often a sudden one. If you have Google Search Console and keyword rankings, then these can all be reviewed, helping you confirm the date of the drop.

Understanding the Losses – It is important to understand the losses to aid in our analysis and remediation. To do this, you need to get a better knowledge of keyword rankings and pages that were most affected. If historic keyword rankings are not available, some popular SEO tools can provide historic ranking data for analysis. Also, the site owner will typically have an idea of what keywords they used to rank for. You have to identify the pages that ranked and received the most traffic and compare them to the competitor on the new site.

Usual Suspects – With an understanding of the losses, you can look at the common problems and decide what can be done to put things right in each scenario.

These are some of the common problems:-

Redirects – Whether missing or misconfigured it is one of the most common issue. When launching a new site, you need to do one of the following for all the important pages such as:-

  • Keeping the URLs the same
  • 301 redirection from the old page to the new page
Missing pages – Another common issue may be that the content which performed previously is no longer on the site. If the content is not available, then you can’t rank. You must ensure that all the high traffic content is present and the correct redirects are in place.

Content changes – Modifications to content can also have an impact. If a page is present but the content has been changed then you will need to have a qualitative review.

What should be done if everything seems fine?

If you have launched your new site, have checked everything over and there are no issues, but, you are still losing traffic then you need to check if your analytics were set up working correctly. Also, make sure that all the pages are correctly tagged and are reporting page views. You must consider recent changes like AMP pages. If your SEO has not always been clean then it is worth checking that you don’t have a manual penalty.


In summary, you have regained your website’s SEO traffic and rankings after redesigning it. This achievement required meticulous planning, diligent execution, and continuous monitoring. Adhering to the methods described in this piece can overcome obstacles and make your website’s transition seamless. If you require expert guidance for a website redesign, contact a reputable website design company in India like Brandconn Digital. Our SEO expert specializes in website SEO services and possesses the knowledge and skills to optimize your site for search engines, guaranteeing long-term success in today’s competitive online world.

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