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Artificial Intelligence and SEO


Are you aware about the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing? Currently AI is used in digital marketing to collect data on ads targeting, in order to decide the relevancy of content, and to perceive customer segments for streamlining ad campaigns by evaluating which emotional value has the maximum impact on the target audience. However, there are only a handful organizations that have incorporated AI technology in their SEO strategy.

Once you search something via using SEO or AI technology, the results displayed will remember a number of considerations like search history, your area, favorite websites etc. AI enhancements means that ranking factors can change with each query, as the algorithm learns how people are clicking on different search results. It decides the best related factor and takes into account for every other search.

Using artificial intelligence to increase your SEO ranking

Use SEO Softwares/ Tools

A tool like SEMrush, Google Analytic and other paid or free tools to find on page problems and resolve them quickly. It allows you to analyze your competitor’s website, keyword optimization, identifying opportunities, tracking and analysis of your traffic report. This kind of tools provide robustness.

Adjust keywords

The way in which searches are done have drastically changed over the years, it is being performed on different locations and different devices, making the changes in keyword phrases natural too. It is highly recommended to select one main keyword phrase and optimize it for related phrases. It means utilizing the keyword phrase in different ways.

Make a brand

Branding is crucial especially when your website is quite new. Start branding with your website and try to promote your website on different social media platforms to reach your target audience. If you have a local business, then you should target your local audience by submitting your business to local directories and promoting it on local platforms.

Mobile device

With the arrival of smartphones, now most people look for their queries on mobile devices. Mobile is considered to be most powerful tool to boost your brand visibility. Google has put more emphasis on websites to become mobile friendly which can contribute in improving your business.

Voice based search

Voice based searches are more conversational in tone and usually longer, therefore it is important to consider this as part of your website’s SEO strategy. Doing some keyword search for informal queries can lead you to create content that can be easily searched through voice searches.

Significance of visual search

With better understanding of languages, search engines are becoming even better at understanding visual content— understanding what an audio clip, video or image is really about. Content writers had to learn methods to optimize their keywords and headings, and the same is applicable for visual content creators now.  Optimizing keywords, tags, descriptions, video length etc. can extensively boost the visibility of your content.

Significance of content

Content remains the key factor for online success— which holds true in case of AI and SEO too. Attractive, authentic and engaging content across websites, videos, blogs effectively contributes in high website ranking.

Predict shopper’s needs using customer data

Any business success depends on your ability to satisfy your customer and what if you already know what they need? The job will simply become easier for you, right? Nowadays marketers have a loads of data and it would be great if you can have a comprehensive look on each customer from your CRM.

Using AI powered chatbots to pull customers

This is one of the widely used component of AI. Bigger brands are already using chatbots to assist their customers. It behaves like a human and engages in active conversation with the customers. The best part is it can work 24*7, making it suitable for global clients.


In conclusion, the combination of Artificial Intelligence and SEO offers significant advantages for businesses striving to thrive online. As AI technology continues to evolve, its incorporation into SEO practices is becoming more critical. It is essential to seek assistance from an SEO service provider who can help you fully utilize AI-driven SEO strategies. If you’re seeking cost-effective SEO solutions, consider contacting Brandconn Digital, India’s leading SEO company. Our team of SEO experts in India is dedicated to keeping your business ahead of the competition and helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

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