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Some Sensational SEO Predictions of Year 2019

SEO Predictions

It’s never too early to begin preparing for the future and most of us always strive to make our future better than present. 2019 is certainly going to be a revolutionary year especially for SEO. Between the augmented reality and virtual reality, or artificial intelligence or blockchain, we will see massive shifts in the way we, as search engine optimizers, do things. Below are some of the predictions made by industry experts on what we are going to witness in 2019. Read on below!

AI is going to alter the way we do keyword research

Jana Garanko, head of PR at the legendary marketing tool, SEMrush believes that AI will our keyword research practices and the rankings will majorly depend on private demographic data.

Artificial intelligence will become more ubiquitous, so SEO specialists must grasp thorough knowledge on automation as well as machine learning. A great number of people will use voice search, so SEO specialists will have to adjust to this. Since voice search functions differently, it will also affect the keyword research process. SERPs will get more personalized and take into account hobbies, location, users’ interest and much more. SEO specialists will also have to consider content related factors like quality, length, TF-IDF and its structure.

Amazon search and voice search will remove impressions from your site

Kent Lewis, President and Founder of the Portland based performance firm, Anvil predicts that both voice search and Amazon search will be attractive trends in 2019.

My prediction is that the most important SEO trend of the year 2019 will be Amazon search where 56% of consumers begin searches around products on Amazon. This is a huge shift that we are witnessing and Amazon search can’t be ignored.

The second biggest SEO trend will be voice based search. The way in which customer do the search will change exponentially.

Blockchain is going to create new momentum in search process

Damon Peters, CMO of Auction site, Proxibid predicts that in 2019 blockchain is going to create a new trend in SEO. He also predicts that a continued importance on voice based search.

In 2019, web based businesses will adopt more voice to text technology in order to boost the engagement and search activity. Visual search which is based on engagement with images and camera data is a big opportunity to foster relevance.

User experience will likely increase

Chris Branter, SEO Director at SleepZoo believes that UX is going to be crucial for SEO.
SEO has changed drastically over the last 5 years and I can expect the pace to speed up in next couple of years. I think user experience will prove to be one of the massive ranking factors as Google is pushing more personalized search results now. So in order to perform better, you will have to ensure that you provide an excellent user experience that make people stick to your website.

Social channels will witness more indexing and optimization

Amy Kilvington, Marketing Executive at Custom Curtains believes that SEOs will have to optimize social media more in 2019 while giving it priority over other pages.

By 2019, content marketing is set to become a huge industry worth $300 billion. It will have a tremendous impact on search engine optimization across the board. We are expecting SEO of the future to be more consumer focused and content oriented. Websites will continue to create content that’s created specifically for humans. Social media will also play a big role in SEO and it will also continue to integrate search as a whole, in terms of SEO and content.

Let’s wait and watch what 2019 unfurls in the digital world!

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