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Google Generated 96% Of US Mobile Organic Search Visits: Q4 2018 Report

Mobile Organic Search

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Google produced 96% of all US mobile organic search visits. The organic search specifically produced just below 26% of all site visits in Q4 2018, which is a half-point decline in comparison to Q3 2018.

This data was unveiled in Merkle’s Q4 2018 Digital Marketing Report, which also includes interesting data about social, paid search and Amazon ads. This post will highlight the key findings pertaining to organic search.

Organic Search in Q4 2018

Organic search visit share generally drops during Q4, as mostly brands are typically investing more in paid channels. Total site visits produced by organic search increased slightly less than 2% year after year in Q4 2018, down by about 6% growth in the previous quarter.

On mobile devices, organic searches generated 24% of site visits. Organic search on mobile phones continued to be strong at 17% year-over-year, while desktop organic search visits dropped 10% year-over-year.


Google produced 93% of all US organic search visits in Q4 2018, which is higher in comparison to 92% a year earlier. Mobile devices simply generated 61% of Google organic search visits in Q4 2018. Google organic search visits grew about 3% in total in Q4 2018 and grew 12% on mobile.


Bing on the other hand produced 4% of all US organic search visits in Q4 2018, and 2% on mobile search. Bing witnessed a decline of 16% year-over-year in all-inclusive organic search visits but increased 2% on mobile.

DuckDuck Go

DuckDuck Go accounted for 0.4% of all organic search visits and in terms of mobile organic search visits it saw 0.4% searches.

DuckDuck Go organic search visits were soared 34% year-over-year and increased 75% on mobile devices.


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