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What is the AIDA Model Used in Digital Marketing Technology?

AIDA Model

It is a popular model used in marketing that defines the steps a customer goes through in the process of purchasing a product. The AIDA model has been in use since the late 19th century and has been reviewed and modified multiple times over the years, both in marketing and public relations.

Who was the creator of AIDA model?

It was successfully developed by the American businessman, E. St. Elmo Lewis, in 1898. The original purpose was to optimize sales calls, specially the interaction between seller and buyer concerning the product.

He can be considered a pioneer, when it comes to the utility of scientific methods for designing advertising and sales processes.

His theoretical explanations of advertising theory is based on the extensive experience. His AIDA model in marketing can be perceived as an important legacy. Since, it is still used in digital marketing technology.

About The AIDA approach?

This model is based on four individual stages that attract interested parties who are deciding on a product or service such as:-

Attracting attention – The product must essentially attract the consumer’s attention. This is done via the advertising materials, which is a type of “eyecatcher.” In order to appeal or attract the attention of the consumer, the best approach is called disruption. The consumer is literally startled into paying his/her attention.

Maintaining interest – It is a fact that keeping the consumer’s interest is a particular challenge in a direct mail campaign. It is a worst choice to bore the reader with pages of heavy text. It is always better to keep it light, easy to read, breaking up the information with lively subheads and attractive illustrations.

Creating desire – If interest in the product is aroused, it is the seller’s task to encourage or convince the customer that they want to own this product. In the best-case scenario, the advertisement or the product should itself create the desire to purchase.

Taking action – As soon as the desire to buy is stimulated, this must be transferred into an action, that is, the purchase. In the case of online shops, this would eventually be the shopping cart process, in which a customer is lead to a conversion.

How is AIDA as a Digital marketing technology tool used?

This model has shaped the views on marketing and sales strategies for a really long time. It is also used in PR to plan and analyze the effectiveness of PR campaigns. Also, it provides valuable information for the analysis of advertising messages.

The benefit of this formula can be found in it’s simplicity and flexible application in areas other than store-based or stationary sales.

It needs to be noted that in case of e-commerce, the effectiveness of the product presentation in an online shop could be analyzed using the four aspects of the AIDA formula.

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