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Know about Google’s September 2019 core update

core update

As we know, Google releases many algorithm updates ever year. The smaller once may go unnoticed but the bigger ones warrant an announcement from them. The most recent example is the June 2019 Broad Core algorithm update but now they have released a new core update which would either bring positive or negative results for SEO.

September 2019 Core Update

A few days ago, Google posted a tweet that they will be rolling out the September 2019 core update on the same day. The tweet is mentioned below:

This is nothing surprising since they announced the June core update through Twitter as well. However, for September 2019 core update, they linked back to their own article containing all the details of their core updates.

There are not any specific factors that this core update will target but it will likely follow the existing trends that involves improving the E-A-T and content of the pages.

Effects on SEO

No major changes are noticed except for one, many health related website which were negatively impacted by June update are now showing signs of improvement. But it will be too early to come to any conclusion because it is just rolled.

Key takeaway

Though the results of this update are exciting for many, but it also serves as a reminder that SEO specialists and webmasters need to be on their toes all the time and especially when it comes to Google’s sudden algorithm changes. In order to get the best results, we have to keep up with the all ongoing changes otherwise we will be left behind. At Brandconn, we stay updated with all the latest changes and work accordingly to get the best SEO results in shortest possible span!

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