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How to Market your Law firm?

Law firms and the Lawyers believe that their skills and reputation are enough to get the pool of clients. This might be true but in many cases, the law firm’s business and profit can be improved with a solid online presence.

Owning a website is useless without a strong online presence, therefore, it is significant to set your law firm apart from the rest and this can only happen when you do law firm marketing strongly. Not only does it increase the search engine rankings but gives a boom to your target audience and build a good rapport with your clients.

If your website is getting low visits or you are not generating sales as per expectations, then you must consider promoting your law firm actively online.

Below are some of the law firm marketing ideas that will help you build your online presence:-

Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization is the practice to get your site rank high in the SERP (search engine result pages). It involves various practices including, increasing backlinks from high-quality domains, and content spinning on various sites having good rank in Google.

Create a separate page for each service

Many law firms offer different services like family dispute, criminal law, vehicle accidents, meditation law services and more. Generally, people are in a rush while searching to find the specific services, therefore, for better results, each specialty should be clear in a drop-down menu with a clickable link, that lands to its respective landing page.

Develop a personal brand

According to a study by LexisNexis and Martindale-Hubbell, 85 % of website traffic is generated from the lawyer’s bio pages. It is because the majority of potential clients are looking for a competent lawyer over a firm. This means each lawyer’s bio at your law firm should be passively promoted, which must include past work experience, case studies, social links, and other credentials.

Generate valuable content

The only way to get prospective clients is just to provide them with valuable and informative content. Valuable Content will keep them engaged and will draw relevant traffic to your law firm website. These valuable contents can be of several forms, one of them can be adding FAQ placed in a designated page on your site. This also has a 99% chance to get featured in the top 10 SERP of Google and other search engines.

Include videos

Pictures enhance your branding but videos are much more engaging. To watch someone talking on the issues can make it easier to build trust with your potential customers.

Go social

Another brilliant tactic to build trust among your potential clients is by going social. Social media is a great platform to connect online with industry professionals. Some of the most common social platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. To promote yourself locally you need to create a law firm marketing page in Google place, that will be visible on Google’s local search.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great opportunity to market your services by sending valuable information through newsletters, emails, etc. You need to design a professional email signature that needs all the information to promote your business. There are a lot of tools you can use in tracking emails and designing signatures.

Get listed in local directories

It is must to get listed in all local businesses and industry directories. Below listed are some renowned industry directories.

Monitor online reputation

Set up alerts for the lawyer as well as the firm name. You will be notified when your firm is mentioned online.

Advertise online

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are great ways to get your law firm listed in Google search results. This is the great way to reach your potential customers.

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