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Google BERT Update 2019- Search Made Smarter With BERT

Google BERT Update

Internet users query search engines to find out their desired content on them available through webpages. Getting the desired result with the necessary information is very difficult from this crowded world of webpages. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. works through keywords, phrases and numbers. Google makes use of complex algorithms to provide search results for any user query. The company has now developed a new algorithm titled ‘BERT’ for reading the query keywords in a more humane way.

What is BERT And How It Will Affect Search?

“Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” or BERT means that the algorithm reads the keywords from both sides, i.e. the beginning and end of the sentence. Here, BERT uses language training and fine tunes the search from its large repository of words. It uses about 2500 million words from Wikipedia and 800 million words from book collection. It also uses AI to gain knowledge about Natural language processing (NLP). Thus, it trains itself to understand the language and gain the know-how of many other languages along with English. The new algorithm is able to affect about 10% of all the search results. It will give you results by understanding sentences from both ends like if one searches these two sentences:

1. Book for visitors to London
2. Book hotel for visitors to London

Here, BERT will take note of all the keywords and display different search for the same homonym word viz. Book

Essentials Hidden In BERT Update

It is important to pay attention for BERT update due to the following important markups:

  • BERT has been included into Google search and will be fully functional by October end.
  • The scope of BERT will cover several languages, including English.
  • It is a natural language learning and training algorithm, affecting search results.
  • SEO must brace themselves for this new change in algorithm based search queries and results.
  • It affects 1/10 of all the search results, impacting search engine results significantly.
  • It can be used in conjunction with other search algorithms say like RankBrain.

Now, since BERT has been rolled out, one should expect notable changes in the Google search results. As per Google, it is a big leap in the history of search algorithms and search engines. Hope, the Internet users will now get better relevant results for their search queries or keywords. It is also important for SEO experts to understand and implement BERT effectively.

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