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Google My Business Brings Feature For New Businesses With Updates Regarding Local Service Area Settings

Google My Business

Google My Business added the ability to announce the date your new business is opening directly in Google Maps and changed how it manages businesses that are within specific service areas.

Information about New business open dates

About the Intitial test

Google tested this feature back in September. In this it showed a business listing in Google Maps before it opens. The listing communicates to the searcher when the business will be starting in the future.

Later Rolled out to all

It was officially established by Google that this feature is now rolling out and Allyson Wright from Google posted in the company forums that “Google My Business now supports businesses that have not yet opened to the public.”

Why is it important?

The features helps new businesses build awareness and get ready for opening day by communicating to customers:-

  • When they will open?
  • What their business hours will be?
  • What customers can expect?

Wright mentioned this would help new businesses shape their online presence and be ready for business on the first day. Companies can set a long run opening date. Also, have interaction with shoppers and announce when and the place they will be open for industry.

It’s working and how to set future open dates?

Local service business area changes or Native provider industry discipline adjustments –

Setting your service area

Google has made changes to how it handles “service-area businesses” regarding who visit or deliver to the local customers. There are now distinct fields in Google My Business for you to edit your business address and your service area. As you update your business information, you will have the option to enter your address, service area, or both.

Now two options available

In Google My Business, service – area businesses will have two options

If you don’t serve customers at your business address, you may leave the address field blank. Just enter your service area. If you serve customers at your business address and still have a service area, enter both your address and service area.

Why does it matter?

You no more need to set your service area as a radius around your business in Google My Business. If you earlier entered a distance around your business, you won’t be able to edit it. In it’s place, you will need to specify your service area by region, city, or ZIP code.


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