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How to add People and Business Partners to help you manage your Facebook Assets?

In our previous article on Facebook business manager, we had learnt!

  • What is Facebook business manager, and what are some of its key features?
  • How to setup the Facebook Business Manager?
  • How to add your business Facebook Page to Business Manager?
  • How to add Facebook Ads account to Business Manager?
  • And how does Facebook make money?

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Nowadays when competition is escalating in every nook and cranny of business deals and marketing, it is very challenging job to keeping your Facebook marketing on top.  And you may not want do to it alone when other business challenges already you handled.

Facebook Business Manager has facility to allow you add people and partners as a team member to working together on your Facebook business page, ads campaign and other assets.

Here is the step how to setup your team and assign permissions to people and partners to manage your Facebook Business Manager Assets.

How to add people in Facebook Business Manager

1. Go to Business settings from your Business Manager Dashboard, and then click People in left panel section under the users drop down menu. Then click “+ Add” button as shown within the below figure.

2. An invite people pop-up box will open.

3. In the Invite People pop-up box, enter the business email address (Make sure to add people using their work email addresses) of a team member you want to add. This might be an employee, freelance contractor, or someone else.

You can decide whether to give this individual limited Business Role access (choose Employee access) or full access (choose Admin access). You can get more precise on this in the next stage. Then click Next.

4.  Assign access pop-up Box will open
5. Click on Pages from left panel, and choose the page for which you want this team member to work on.
6. Set the individual’s access permission by using the right hand side toggle switches.

7. Go back in left panel and click on Ad Accounts.
8. Then, Choose the Ads account from the Select Assets Menu for which you want to give access to someone.
9. And, again set the user’s access permission by using the toggle switches. When you’re finished, click Invite.

10. To add more people as team members, click Add More People. When you’re finished, click on Done.

11. Now you need to wait for each of the individuals to accept your invitation to be part of your Facebook Business Manager team.

All Individuals will receive an email with information about the access you’ve given them and a link to get started, but it would be a good idea, if you send them a personal note directly that you’re giving them this access and they should expect the automated email with the link.

From your dashboard, you can also see all of your pending requests and withdraw them at any time for people who have not responded, by simply click on Cancel.

Then, one pop-up will open to make sure you want to cancel the invitation, and then click on Cancel Invitation.

If someone with access has leaves your company or switches to a different role, you can revoke their permissions.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Business Settings.
  • In the left Penal menu, click People.
  • Click on the name of the person to remove them from your team, and click Remove. Or, hover over the name of an individual asset and click on the trash icon to remove access from this particular asset.

How to connect your business partners or ad agency to your Facebook Business Manager Assets

1. Go to Business Settings from your Business Manager Dashboard.
2. Then click on partner from the left panel under Users drop-down menu.
3. Under Partner to share assets with, click Add

4. Make sure your partner must have an existing Business Manager ID. Ask them to provide it to you. He/she can find it in their own Business Manager under Business Settings>Business Info.
5. Enter this Business ID in the Partner Business ID field and click Next.

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6. Now assign your business Facebook Page, Ads Account and others assets for which you want to give access to these partners.

Now these new added business partners can manage permissions for the individuals on their own teams from their own Facebook Business Manager account. It means that you don’t need to take worry about all the individual and people assigning and managing permissions who serve your account at your agency or Partner Company.

You had completed all basic aspects for your “business Facebook marketing” now, and everything is centralized in one spot. Now you are ready to use Facebook Business Manager and manage everything like Facebook Business Page, ads campaign, add people and partners and manage their access permissions, and make your Facebook ads and marketing efforts.

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