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Online Reputation Management Strategy For 2023

Online Reputation Management Strategy For 2023

Times are changing and businesses are now growing in different manners. From what we have seen at Brandconn, there is booming growth among companies for online reputation management services right away! It is vital to optimizing the strategy in the best possible manner. 

Such an ORM platform will help out your businesses not just maintain, but also monitor their online presence, leading to more leads, customers, and sales. There are multiple ORM factors that we are proud to address at Brandconn for you. At the end of this post, you will know how online reputation helps with the changing internet dynamics these days.

Right now, businesses are relying on online reviews. Recent studies show that 3 out of 4 people will rely on a company with good reviews. So, that clearly portrays the high level of importance ORM has these days. It forms a crucial part of online reputation management big time and you have to work on its maintenance, from time to time.

This blog will let you know about ways in which you get to manage the online reputation of your firm in upcoming 2023. Our team will help you to gain some knowledge in this field, regarding the best reputation management strategy.

The platforms where you want your business to be:

Listing out your business is the first point. People must know that your company exists. For procuring ratings, it is vital to list down your business on the local business platforms or directories to help with the promotion. There are certain platforms where you get to jot down your business. Some of those platforms are:

  • BBB
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Google My Business

Our online reputation management company in India is here to let you know more about the platforms before the next step. From these websites, you will receive ratings for businesses from clients, employees, or customers. Some of them are good for businesses of all types. Others are domain-specific websites where you will list your business. The niche ones are likely to vary from one business to another and search them for the right business type now. Examples are:

  • Manta for smaller businesses
  • For e-commerce, Amazon is the key
  • For travel, food, and restaurant-centric information, Trip Advisor is the one

It is always a great move to list your businesses on these websites. Now, it is time to focus on reputation maintenance and that’s when the online reputation management services in India from Brandconn come to your rescue for sure. Once you have us, there is no turning back!

Simple tricks to help manage ORM strategy in 2023:

If you are trying to maintain your 2023 online reputation, you need to adapt to multiple strategies to outperform your competitors. As per some surveys and reports, around 60% of businesses wouldn’t opt for a business with negative comments. So, the ORM can drive away or bring in more customers, based on how you are using it. Here  are listed some of the ORM strategies to follow in 2023.

1. Focus on the present status:

You need to be sure of your business’s current standing. Create a profile on multiple platforms like Google My Business and then learn about your present status over there. Learning about your present reputation will help make the necessary changes later.

If you own bad ratings, work on the steps and that’s when our team from Brandconn can help! But, if you have positive ratings, try optimizing them. Offering promising service to clients or customers is vital. The way you are going to provide services to your clients will determine your final rating.

2. Respond to the reviews and observe them

After watching your mentions or the reviews, you need to react to them as well. It is true that everything won’t work out just the way you have planned. But, you should know that reacting to comments is one form of customer service. It helps in boosting your ORM. We believe that this method is going to stay in 2023 for sure!

Various online complaints are there via social media. So, create a support team to use social media in its better power to answer all the complaints. Our SEO company in India will help you to reach reviews. It is one way to develop a healthy relationship between the company and the reviewer.

Moreover, handling negative comments is an art and you have to be very careful while working on them. Some measures we have asked you to follow while handling such negative comments are:

  • When things have pretty much escalated to the next level, make sure to come up with the right response without wasting time. Prevention is always better. But, if things are way out of hand, acting quickly and smartly is the only way out. Stop present campaigns and work on controlling angry mobs first.
  • Always respond on time! Responding without wasting any precious moment and accurately can be one major ORM strategy as mentioned by our team at Brandconn. Make sure to react to all kinds of reviews, whether positive or negative. Reacting to negative reviews will change the perspective of the reviewer. Be sure to make it a two-way conversation to help boost local SEO.
  • Always be professional in your reviews. People always want their opinions to matter. So, be polite and do not have negative comments personally. Avoid making excuses. Instead, admit and then handle the situation with ultimate professionalism. In case things go out of hand, be sure to handle the conversation in a private manner. Provide people with your phone number or email ID to start the conversation in a private mode.

3. Capitalize on the current positive reception

Once you have reacted to the replies, you are off to a great start. But, it is not just responding for optimization but much more than that. Taking advantage of a positive reputation can optimize ORM value even more. Some tips and tricks to follow are:

  • Use the power of social media. Once you have a positive review, make sure to spread that work through various business profiles. Ask your employees to share positive feedback. It can work out in the best manner possible. Social media can be a platform to help spread positive reviews to multiple people at the same time.
  • Always try using some tools like Hootsuite or BrightLocal to help you with the ORM value. These tools are perfect for measuring sentiment, monitoring performance, requesting reviews, and then gaining some high-end web listings, to name a few.
  • Sometimes, you are asked to use testimonials and positive reviews as one example to prove the worth of your business. Ask your previous customers, clients, or employees for positive feedback sharing. Ask them to share their honest opinions with everyone, over the internet. It helps in encouraging other customers or clients to share their feedback about your firm too. A simple 4-line text or a video can serve the purpose really well. Acting upon the positive reviews will overpower negative reception. It helps in boosting local SEO ranks in a significant manner.

Ways you get to ask for a good review:

There are so many times when you can gladly ask for reviews. But, some businesses can really find it hard to ask for any such review from customers. They fail to chalk out a proper strategy. Around 87% of people read online reviews for local businesses in 2020.

You know that people will go through your reviews. So, it is vital to make them good. For that, highlighting positive reviews is a must. So, you can always try taking assistance from customers or your clients. There are multiple ways to ask for reviews, and we have mentioned some of the ideas.

  • Printed materials: Use the power of printed materials like banners, handouts, and receipts to remind your customers to leave a review of their services working with you.
  • Working on follow-up calls: You can always call your customers to remind them about the review, a few days or weeks after they made a purchase from your side. In case they have some positive notes to tell, let them know they can easily share them. After enjoying a positive deal with a potential customer, you can guide employees to ask the customer or the client to share their positive feedback.
  • Use the power of email: Working on an email campaign is a good call if you want to know what your clients think about the services. Always start by thanking them for their support. After that, in the email, you have to ask them politely to share their feedback with you. Get the email customized for your clients, and don’t go for the custom templates. In the end, you can add some links to review websites, email signatures, or social media profiles in your email campaigns.


If you are able to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, then a promisingly optimized ORM strategy is here for you to use in 2023. Always remain connected with clients or customers to ensure that their voices are always heard about your firm. Use the power of positive reviews to mark your benefits and then capitalize on their uses. Get help from our professionals at Brandconn to manage your negative reviews and learn some aspects from us too. We will help you in using all the tools and platforms to manage your online reputation at the best possible rate. A proficiently managed ORM strategy is always good news for businesses.

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