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How to Push Down Negative Search Results?

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The advancement of technology and internet in the 21st century has provided a myriad of opportunities such as instant connectivity, access to global information, and ability to connect with loved ones all over the world. However, it also brings some major drawbacks, the main disadvantage being that whatever is uploaded on the internet stays online and is accessible to users forever. Any small mistake or flaw could potentially lead all the google searches of your business/organization to portray a negative or unflattering image. It is no wonder then that so many businesses and individuals are constantly looking on how to push down their negative content in web searches.

This is where online reputation management services for individuals come into play. These services are crucial in increasing brand publicity and visibility by making the brand visible to users, who search for similar services of your own. A number of online reputation management companies in India develop new marketing strategies ideal for a client’s business by ensuring increased customer attraction, while optimizing company profits. Furthermore, online reputation management services in India can predict future outcomes of a company by using extensive research and data analytics. A system for reputation management services usually includes the following:

  • Regularly searching for your brand name using an incognito browser. This is done to prevent any algorithm from interfering in the results, regardless of location or search history.
  • Monitoring websites with reviews, such as Amazon, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business reviews, etc on a regular basis. This is done to understand what the users think about the brand and also helps flag any ‘fake’ users who post negative reviews.
  • Updating and reviewing social media accounts by checking brand name mentions, tags and hashtags. It is also important to engage and network using positive posts, comments and tags.
  • Creating Google alerts for your business name. This can help you get instantly notified, when any review about your brand is uploaded onto the internet.
  • Using a ‘Better Business Bureau’ (BBB) listing. BBBs help in implementing truthful measures, for digital marketing and advertising, while investigating and exposing fraud against customers and businesses.
  • Creating and uploading new positive content on the internet, to suppress the negative ones.

It is always better to be proactive and be prepared to push down a negative search result, to maintain your brand image. Consumers believe what the Google results show them and you have to ensure that they are seeing content, which best represents you. Reviews, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative, has a strong and direct impact on users. It is interesting to note that according to a consumer review survey in 2020 by BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, while only 48% of consumers would approach a business with less than 4 stars.  By getting involved with online reputation management companies and services for individuals, you can be confident that you are taking control of your brand’s reputation and image, back into your own hands.

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