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E-A-T To Not Get Eaten Up

Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness E-A-T

Your website content may be eye catching, interesting and completely mesmerizing, but what will be its worth, if it is not able to rank well on Google?

With competition rising every other day, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that your web content follows all the important SEO guidelines which also include giving utmost emphasis to the term-“E-A-T”.

Yes, “E-A-T”! We are not talking about consuming food, this term is quite different. Though, we don’t deny that just like food, this one will also energize your web content and help it to last longer and stand stronger among increasing competition in the digital platform.

The “E-A-T” we are talking about stands for “Expertise”, “Authoritativeness” and “Trustworthiness”. It is not a foreign term in the world of SEO professionals. Google’s Search Quality Guidelines highlystresses on the term “E-A-T” to evaluate the overall quality and value of a web page.

Let’s break the term “E-A-T” and have a look into each element to understand that how structuring a website in this way can help to make a better online impact:-


Will you ask for health advice from someone who is not a Doctor or a licensed medical professional? Will you depend on the finance tips given by someone who is not even remotely associated with that field? No!

You won’t risk your health and wealth by trusting an amateur person. It would be ridiculous to rely on them, isn’t it?

Therefore, to ensure that only reliable, accurate and factually correct information reaches the masses, Google evaluates the quality of a website by judging its “expertise value”. A true digital marketer will suggest you to get the written facts of your website checked from an experienced professional to keep your website genuine, up-to-date and appropriate. In short, the website created by those who are proficient & skilled in the subject matter ranks higher in the eyes of Google and digital marketer with  experienced SEO professionals like us, can provide effective ways to highlight your expertise in your website.


There is definitely a difference between being an expert and being an authority. Suppose you come through a news article with some shocking data and it claims to be obtained from a carefully curated, highly professional and knowledgeable news channel. Will you believe the news article?

It is still doubtful, isn’t it? There are hundreds of news channels around us and they too claim themselves to be experts, professionals, knowledgeable and moreover, they even have catchy names to brag! Though, it doesn’t mean that they all are legit. There are only few notable names in the news industry with a special identity for themselves and you can only trust their information because their content has utmost value & respect in your eyes that you won’t even prefer wasting your time by questioning their credibility.

This is what building “authority” in the digital platform is all about, and our experienced team members can suggest you effective ways to achieve this for your website and brand name.


The word – “Trust” may have just four letters in it but lack of it can have serious consequences on the overall ranking of a website and eventually, it can negatively impact the growth and progress of a business establishment. Efforts should be made by your digital marketer to make sure that your entire website appears bona fide, legitimate, and original to earn everyone’s trust. It shouldn’t appear as “click bait” built to deceive naive readers & waste their time.

At Brandconn Digital, we have a team of experts who understand the importance of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) in maintaining a robust online presence. We use these principles to ensure that your website and content stand out in the digital world. Prioritizing E-A-T is crucial for success in digital marketing and SEO. By prioritizing E-A-T, businesses can become trustworthy sources of information and build long-term trust with their audience. Our team of SEO experts in India is well-equipped to help you navigate the global and local online landscape. Contact us to learn how we can improve your E-A-T and help you succeed in the competitive digital arena. Remember, prioritizing E-A-T is vital to avoid getting eaten up by your competitors.


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