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Top WordPress Development Trends for 2022

WordPress Development Company India

You may be looking to develop your business website on WordPress or using other development platforms but would like to switch to WordPress. Either of these is possible with We are a popular WordPress development company in India and are proud to offer you WordPress solutions in one location.

When it comes to website development, WordPress is the most preferred platform in a community of site developers. It is a fact that WP powers about 43% of top-level websites. Aside from the drag and drop functionality, it also has a massive library of themes and plugins, all easy to use and fully customisable. These are only two of the reasons why WordPress is having a period of growth in the market.

Due to this popularity, here’s a list of top WordPress development trends that will allow you to feel the power of this development platform.

Drag and drop mechanism

Drag and drop is a functionality that allows users to select an item or a text, drag it to the desired location, and “drop” it there. It will enable new developers to develop a fully functional website without writing a single code. This plugin is easy to use and allows users and developers to see how their website will look.

WordPress trends for E-commerce

WordPress is preferred by many e-commerce websites for its responsive website designs, apart from the easy implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). WP has a versatile range of themes and plugins that make it easy for website developers to design customised e-commerce websites of superior quality.

Headless WordPress

This setup uses WordPress so that that content can be managed in the back end and custom front-end solutions so visitors can see it. The headless WordPress offers better performance, flexibility, and security for your website.

Low Code/No Code WordPress development

The low code/no code solutions can significantly reduce the app development time by ninety percent. With the help of Elementor, a visual page builder, and WooCommerce plugin, a fully functional website can be delivered to you. What’s more, it will be at a fraction of the amount it will cost you to build your website from scratch.

Accessibility Improvements

WordPress makes your website and its contents accessible to everyone, regardless of device, language barriers, software configuration, or level of ability. All users can benefit from its offered functionality.

Performance Improvements 

Yoast and Google have emphasised the need for WP to have a coordinated approach to performance improvement. This aims to achieve the most impactful wins and to help third-party developers produce faster themes and plugins.

WordPress for SaaS (SaaS = Software as a Service)

It is a method of software delivery and licensing, done online through a subscription instead of through purchase and installed on computers individually. SaaS products can automate tasks, add new functionalities, streamline business workflows, and provide an alternative to custom-coded options, which are very expensive.

Voice Search 

Experts of major IT giants Google and Apple are working to a large and detailed degree on features, such as voice searching and voice recognition. The reason is that they believe that, very soon, about 50% of the searches will be done through voice. Therefore, a fully functioning WordPress website should include this voice search functionality to get more web traffic.

Those are the WordPress trends that you can expect to shape the releases of WP this year. Some of those mentioned may be familiar, but others may sound new. To stay competitive and be able to comply with upcoming regulations, it is recommended that you keep a close tab on these trends.

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