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How is Shopify Better Than Magento?

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Have you been using an ecommerce website builder, but you’d like to change to something more powerful this time? There are two most popular platforms on your mind, but you can’t decide between Shopify and Magento. How are they different, and how is Shopify better than Magento? It’s tough to choose because these two are the leading ecommerce platforms to find on the market today.

Shopify is a straightforward use platform for online stores. They charge a recurring fee each month, and they will take care of supporting newly emerging or high-volume businesses.

Magento, like WordPress, is an open-source platform you can install free onto your computer, but there are things to pay for, such as web hosting, extensions (like apps), and security. Magento is a powerful platform. It requires that you know how to code; otherwise, it will be challenging to reach your ecommerce goals. Enterprise-level businesses with their own development teams will benefit more from Magento.

Let’s take up the differences between these two platforms in detail.

Ease of Use:

It is a fact that Shopify is a great deal easier to use than Magento. Shopify is a full-service, drag-and-drop website builder. By moving elements around the page, you can customise your store easily. Magento, while more flexible than Shopify, is generally trickier to use. Its users will find it difficult to build a store according to their vision that they can feel deep pleasure or satisfaction.


Shopify has a more extensive and cheaper range of themes than Magento, and Shopify does not need codes to customise its themes. This means you can tailor your template according to your brand’s needs.

Sales Tools:

Regarding sales tools, Shopify’s tools are more impressive; this platform is one of the best ecommerce platforms. It has plenty of tools to offer, including multi-channel selling. This is something that Magento can provide only via the installation of pricey extensions.

Marketing Features:

For their most important marketing features, Shopify and Magento depend on their respective app markets. For example, they can create email campaigns, but Shopify has a built-in feature where you can advertise on social media.

Add-ons and Apps:

The app market of Shopify is easier to use and more polished than Magento’s Marketplace. While it’s true that Magento can offer more apps than Shopify, they can only be installed by coding; and because anyone can design them, you may risk installing an extension that is sub-par in quality.


Shopify and Magento are two different platforms; hence they have different pricing models. With Magento, the costs will be according to your requirements. Shopify offers three fixed plans, which may seem lower on the face, but they have apps and themes to pay for.

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  • Responsive Shopify website – creates dynamic changes to your site’s appearance, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device you’re using.
  • Shopify module development – development of apps that solve problems of merchants. For example, Graph QL and REST APIs let you integrate into Shopify’s online store, admin, check out, and others.
  • Shopify theme development – refers to the development of templates used by merchants on their ecommerce stores.
  • Site migration to Shopify platform – When you create a Shopify store, Site migration is the process of transferring your store from the platform you’re currently using to Shopify.
  • Support and maintenance – allow your business to have the services of a team of experts for bug fixing, design changes, features launching, or optimising your website. Upgradation and integration- Shopify is designed for scalability. It allows you to grow your ecommerce store.
  • Integration streamlines your online store and stock management requirements.
  • Custom ecommerce solutions – Ecommerce solutions accept other payment gateways, such as, PayPal, Amazon payments, and others.
  • Shopify extensions developmentwill make the ecommerce store feature-rich, highly practical, and useful.

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