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    People don’t take trips, trips take people.

    Decades ago, when John Steinbeck stated this, little did he know that a time will come when the digital world will help trips take people.

    One of the early adopters of digital marketing, the travel industry today rests on the online world. From search to social media, e-mail, travelogues and much more – there is a lot that the digital world offers to this industry. And, so hotels, resorts, travel companies, tour operators and many others can take the leverage of digital marketing and gain success in their respective fields.

    The Road Less Travelled

    Is having a travel website that easy that people across the world are creating their own web spaces for travel enthusiasts? Well, there are two answers to this question – yes, and no.

    Yes, creating a (read: any) website is easy.

    But, no, creating a good website that makes a difference and stands out from the millions of other portals is not easy.

    What is required then?

    A fantastic layout: Give your website users such an experience that they keep coming back to you. But, how? With a well-planned, designed and developed website. Needless to mention, your digital marketing efforts will go in vain if the website that you have isn’t easy to navigate and is something that doesn’t ignite that spark to travel, and travel with your help.

    Excellent rankings: Zillions of travelers across the world, millions of travel websites, a handful of search engines, and a few top rankings. The world isn’t fair. But, the right digital marketing strategy can change it for you. With tactics that last long, you can reach to the top of search engine results and gain the much-needed visibility to get those ‘book my travel package’ clicks in high numbers.

    Powerful content: Words have the power to influence minds. Let words on your travelogue or travel website bring out stories that the readers can relate to. When you know how to win hearts with creative and unique content, the spirit to travel is what you spread. Make that happen.

    Smart social media presence: What’s the one thing that rules the lives of the millennials today? Undoubtedly, social media. So, why not use this media to your advantage. Engage social media users, interact with them and connect to turn them into customers. In the world of digital marketing and in the world of travel, nothing is impossible.

    Brilliant reputation: You have thousands of positive reviews on your portal, but should you blatantly ignore the harsh ones? Absolutely, no. Let your good work speak volumes about your business by promoting it so much that the negative gets lost in the way. Your customers need to find the best about your business, and this is where reputation monitoring comes into picture and forms an integral part of the digital marketing world.

    Digital makes traveling easy. We make digital easy

    Brandconn understands the need to travel. With our expressive digital marketing strategy, we evoke that need to travel amongst your customers. From helping you to get that perfect website, to doing SEO for travel websites, to letting you reach to local customers and those who live miles away from your basecamp, we do it all.

    With years spent catering to the needs of various travel websites and tour operators, we know what will work and what won’t work for your travel business. If you are searching for an online travel consulting partner that can take care of all your travel and tourism digital marketing needs, then we can proudly say – you have reached your destination!

    Our Digital Marketing Strategy for Travel Industry works with:

    Effective Website – Website creation is a work of art and skills. At Brandconn, our teams of website design and development provide both. We help you build a portal that not only looks good, but which is user-friendly and makes finding information about travel easier than what one may think.

    Customised Travel SEO Campaigns – Let your brand be recognised with top rankings on search engines. Our search engine optimisation experts can help your website make to the top of organic listings of the leading search engines of today, so that you don’t lost your customers to your rivals. And, we mean it.

    Social Media Marketing – Brandconn helps you have a great social media presence with regular posts, rich media content and high quality images, driving thousands of people to your social media profiles, every single day.

    Reputation Management – The travel world relies on reviews and Brandconn can help you make the most of them by managing your online reputation, along with any and every bit of information posted about you on the internet. We help your customers see what you want them to see, and nothing else.

    Let’s work together

    Leave us a message and we will contact you shortly to discuss the right digital marketing strategy for your business.

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