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Google’s New Update Concerning Feedbacks On Aautocomplete Suggestions

The recent update on Google’s iOS app has come with a new feature that allows one to send feedback to a company. One can now give feedback on autocomplete suggestions and help Google provide better results. All you have to do is swipe left and there you can give your suggestions.

For people that make use of Apple products namely the iPhone and iPad, they need to know that this reporting feature works best on the iPhone. Thus, if you too are looking to make use of it here is an insight to how it works on the iPhone.

  • Imagine you are searching for any word and would like to give a suggestion regarding it. For this you have to swipe left, and once you do you see the “i” icon.
  • You need to click on this icon and the Google App will ask you if you want to report any suggestions.
  • Once you have clicked on report you get to another screen where you can write the autocomplete suggestions that you have in your mind.

With Google going with this new feature it is clear how it wants to refine tis search results further into providing users with only the most suitable results and suggestions. By taking suggestions from the users Google has not only improved its search capabilities but also found a way to avoid getting complaints against offensive suggestions. This feature could make search bars more clean and safe for everyone.

This is just one feature but with Google focused on providing only the best possible answers to its users there is a lot that we might see ahead.

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