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Google Algorithm Updates for the year 2019-A quick Recap


Every now and then Google makes significant changes to its algorithm for different reasons like SEO updates, search criteria, language specifications, etc. These updates are very crucial for search queries, search optimization and website search rankings. Google sometimes officially announces these updates and sometimes it remains unofficial. In the year 2019 Google made many updates to its algorithm which were of importance for SEO in this year and coming 2020 also.

Google updates for the year 2019 are as follows:

  • BERT Update:

This was the latest update made by Google during the end of October 2019. The BERT update was related to the usage of language by the user searching through specific words. The language based search is smarter in understanding words and sentences. It is like a natural language processor comparing and analyzing words to one another and displaying better meaningful search results.

  • Broad Core Update:

During September Google released a Broad core update, where several updates are made related to the factors affecting the search results. Under these updates, the websites with specific content are affected, due to the comparison between new and old material. This update affected some media and health websites as moving up in search results.

  • Maverick Update:

During July 2019 Google made unconfirmed update to its core algorithm which was titled Maverick update. This update affected some search results in niche areas like health, finance, travel, etc. This update created much hype and pushed the SEO experts to take note of the changes and develop fresh content as per the changes.

  • Site Diversity Update:

In June, Google announced a significant core update related to site diversity. The results displayed by Google showed some change in the diverse number of pages as compared to pre update period. However, the overall impact of this update was not much as it was announced by Google.

  • June Core Update:

This Google update affected the search results related to media platforms and showed an increase in video carousels displayed in search results. Main area of target was low value content affecting some major sites in the UK. It was pre announced and resulted in some losers and certain gainers to fill the void thus created.

  • March 2019 Update:

This update was pre announced by Google targeting rich content. The update was about reviews being displayed in the website search result. The webmaster was able to pick good reviews to use them as rich content to display websites with high review ranking. The main aim was to stop webmaster from cheating the users through suppression of bad reviews.

These were some of the important updates in 2019. Google regularly keeps updating its algorithm, for reasons like search results, suppression of dubious content, fixation of bugs like indexing or deindexing, etc. Other causes for regular updates to algorithm are effective performance, diversity of search results, etc. So, overall it is the job of search professionals to keep an eye on all these updates to benefit their clients with better content, keywords targeting, PPC campaigns, etc. directed at better search optimization.

To sum up, the 2019 Google algorithm updates highlight how the digital landscape is constantly changing. Businesses need adaptable strategies and a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms to achieve online success. Partnering with a reputable digital marketing company in India is a wise decision for navigating these changes. Our team brings valuable expertise to the table, assisting businesses in adapting to algorithmic shifts and thriving in the competitive online arena for sustained success in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

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