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How Artificial Intelligence Change the Digital Marketing Landscape

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a trending topic for quite a while now especially in the digital marketing industry. Numerous startups are leveraging AI in their marketing platforms to get maximum benefits. Companies like Apple and Amazon are even leveraging AI are even using AI to conduct voice based marketing through devices like Siri platforms and Alexa. This is a clear illustration of how technology can shape consumers’ buying behavior and help them make better decisions in terms of purchasing.

A couple of years ago, AI was seen as a novelty by marketers, and not many were integrating the technology into application. AI was considered as a beneficial feature but not an integral part of functionality. But this approach has indeed changed in this year as we have seen more and more companies are using AI for higher benefits. Below are some of the emerging AI trends that are set to redefine the digital marketing sphere.

More efficient content creation

This is one of the key prepositions of AI for marketers is that it reduces the cognitive workload but at the same time it can be incredibly useful for producing creative content. In the coming days, using AI to fuel content will likely be a normal practice for marketers. The beauty of AI is that it can help in making relevant content based on several inputs, making the content rich than ever.

Email marketing can leverage AI for personalized content

In addition to relevant content creation, AI can also assist marketers in scaling their email marketing efforts. When using inputs like segmentation data and audience data, AI based marketing platforms will be able to automatically create content that is dynamically personalized for the specific viewers. The subject line can be tailored for each receipt which is certainly a boon for marketers.

AI can boost conversion rates

AI enabled software platforms are constantly evolving by learning, analyzing and improving. It is the best time for marketers to use this technology not only in emails but also on web. AI-powered site search is quickly becoming a de facto need for major eCommerce businesses and other organizations are also quickly following suit. But beyond just creating better search experience for consumers, retailers can also design AI powered digital experience for their customers that can act as communication funnel.


Artificial intelligence is clearly sparking a revolution in the digital marketing sphere, where it has been put to various innovative uses. Particularly on the content creation part, AI is quickly rising to become a viable competitor with humans. These are quite exciting for marketers and it will be intriguing to see what innovations take place in the coming time.


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