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How is Business Growth and SEO Related?


Growing one’s business and leads are the top most goals of every businessperson. Lead growth and business growth go hand-in-hand. One without the other is not possible. Usually business owners, particularly start-ups think business and lead growth begin with the salespeople making phone calls. This view of building a business is old-fashioned and unsuccessful.

Although the good old telemarketing phone calls are still around, most communication happens online. Computers and smartphones provide people 24/7 access to information. If your sales team is not complimenting phone calling with online communication via email, social media and SEO, you would not be growing your business or number of leads well any time soon.

What does Search Engine Optimization or SEO have to do with leads and growing one’s business?

With the easy accessibility to the Internet, users expect to find information and answers to their questions immediately. Websites deliver the content containing this information users are hurriedly looking for. But, there are millions of websites out there on the Internet and not all of them appear in search results. Only the ones deemed most relevant and trustworthy appear. After all a user is in a hurry to get exact information. This is why they don’t want to waste their time reading irrelevant website content. This is where SEO comes in.

Behind each and every search query typed in by a user, a Google SEO or search engine robot indexes and collects data from every website published on the web. The search engine robot utilizes a formula to then rank certain webpages in the search results that are seen by the user.

In search engine marketing, ranking is significant. Every internet marketing company strives to get their own website and the websites of their clients to the coveted search result position.

Why is Ranking Important?

The first handful of search results will be read. However, those on the following pages will likely be ignored. After all, who is going to click through numerous websites when their time is precious and short.

It is only through executing a good online marketing with SEO optimization of one’s website that there is a better chance of your website receiving one of these top rankings and thus, result in increased website visitors and possible leads and customers.

Hiring an experienced SEO services provider is a strategic move that can significantly boost your chances of securing a top spot in search engine results

SEO not only brings more traffic to your website, but it also appeals quality leads who are interested in your brand, product or service.

Here are few simple SEO tactics you can start to implement in order to catch the attention of search engine robots and gain a higher, more visible search results ranking

    • You must understand that an excellent starting point for a SEO strategy is the implementation of keywords.
    • While writing meta descriptions, you must think of the web user and the questions he or she may be asking when they are conducting a search.
    • By having a website that is mobile friendly you not only satisfy search engines and get a boost in search results rankings, but you will also give your site visitors a pleasant experience.
    • Google My Business (GMB) is another great way for local businesses to get listed online.

To know more about business growth strategies, you must reach an established Digital Marketing Company.

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