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Why is Branding the Most Important SEO Strategy in 2019?

SEO Strategy

What is the most common beliefs about SEO trends? When a website or business ranks for targeted keywords, their brand name automatically start gaining online recognition. Getting higher ranking becomes a little easy when brand name contains a specific keyword or is a variant of keyword—a part of SEO strategy and branding. Having better ranking than your competitor can simply mean a good bump in profit margins.

Why you must focus on branding?

To find the right answer, one should unravel the mysteries of branding. Apart from setting up guidelines and brand standards, branding involves driving awareness of the company’s services or products. This can consist understanding demographics of the target audience and getting a positive brand reputation. Though customer service is an integral part of branding but it can’t outweigh branding. Therefore, there can be only one cohesive definition of branding—creating a positive brand image by leveraging traditional and digital tools that can attract consumer preferences.

All these factors make branding an essential part of SEO strategies. If the company fails to establish its identity within location-specific crowd, how will it draw out subscriptions and buyers? In most cases, SEO experts working with startups begin from scratch. They start representing a brand through utilization of email marketing, social media platforms, broadcast messaging services, website optimization, mobile notification etc. You can visit Brandconn Digital, we can help you increase website traffic and sales.

Recent changes in Google ranking

According to a study, consumers are more likely to spend money on websites that have a popular or familiar brand name. In this study, 60% consumers stated that they would like to buy products from a renowned brand and would avoid switching brands for that matter. This shows how robust branding can be and how much your company can benefit from it.

You must have understood the gist of it by now—ranking #1 in Google should not be your only aim. As long as your target audience see your brand name, they will jump directly to the familiar brand name regardless of ranking position. One must know the latest SEO trends in order to achieve such fruitful results.

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