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Strategies To Make Mobile First Indexing A Success

Mobile First Indexing

Google’s decision to shift to mobile-first indexing came to the forefront on October 13, 2016. Still in the testing phase, it will soon become live. To maintain web traffic and rankings, website owners need to automatically adapt to this emerging trend. Mobile SEO and desktop SEO have till now been different, targeted at diverse sets of customers. The search algorithms as well as its technical implementations were differently designed.  The increasing focus towards mobile search is revamping the scenario and mobile-indexed websites are thus to become a reality soon.

It is empirical to be prepared to embrace the change. Companies and brands need to strategize their SEO plan to adapt to the changes that Google is going to bring. They may do it by themselves by getting an SEO expert professional or hiring an outsource SEO company who can guide them in advance.

Testing if Mobile Pages are Indexed

First ensure that the mobile device is indexing the pages. To confirm that, one must go to Google on the device and enter “” If there is no result to show up, you may be sure that Googlebot is not accessing your mobile pages.

Keep Parity with Desktop and Mobile Content

Make it absolutely essential to keep parity with desktop and mobile content. With dissimilar content, you might land in trouble. Usually it is observed that quite a few mobile websites are filled with less content such that the speed does not suffer. In such a scenario, if mobile-first indexing comes into play, the user may land up loosing huge web traffic and keywords.

Create AMP Pages in Absence of Mobile Pages

In case you never thought to create a mobile version for your webpage, now is the time to create an AMP page. Although such AMP page might not be mobile-friendly, yet it will be considered by Google while indexing.

Internal Linking

Sites that use separate URLs for mobile and desktop version may end up in trouble. If the ‘internal linking/information architecture’ on the mobile site is not at par with the desktop version, the site rankings might just drop.

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