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What Are The SEO Factors to Monitor in 2019?

SEO Factors to Monitor in 2019

In 2018, Google introduced dramatic changes to how it ranks sites. For instance, Google used AI for about 30% of search queries.

Here mentioned are the five SEO factors that will be important for 2019

Becoming Acquainted with the Structured Data

Structured data is daunting. However, it is actually easy to become familiar with how it works. An easy way to become familiar with it is to copy, paste and start working with it.

It is Essential To Avoid Structured Data Mistakes

Sites have been receiving penalties for improper implementation of structured data. It is possible to make an honest mistake and thus, receive a penalty for it.

The most common structured data mistakes to avoid include using inappropriate structured data, mismatching of structured data on-page content, violation of Google’s guidelines for a specific data type, usage of shortcuts and taking liberties.

You must Consider Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts are becoming a popular way to consume content. It is significant to consider investigation if potential customers are listening to podcasts related to your niche. In case they are, then it may make sense to create a strategy to reach those listeners. A strategy may range from sponsorships, appearing on the podcast by promoting specific content that may be of interest.

The Focused Content

It is one of the most important part of Internet marketing for 2019. Unfocused content may be one of the biggest mistakes for the lost ranking.

Enhancing Your SEO Image

Images are significant to make your page attractive. Images are vital for SEO. You need to treat them the same as you treat your title and heading elements. This is because they all work together to help the page rank better.


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